Write short notes on desktop computers, workstations, notebooks, tablet PCs, handheld PCs and smart phone

Desktop Computers:

The most common type of computer is desktop computers. It has been designed to sit on a desk. Today's desktop computers are much more powerful than the others and used for an amazing array of task. Not only do these machines enable people to do their jobs with greater ease and efficiency, but they can be used to communicate, produce music, edit photos and videos and play sophisticated games and much more.

What do you mean by modern computer?

Modern Computer:

In basic terms, computer is an electric device that process data, converting it into information which is useful to people. Any computer regarding of its type is controlled by programmed instructions which give the machine a purpose and tell it what to do.

The word 'computer' comes from the word 'compute' which means nothing but to calculate something. Computer can perform calculations with accuracy beyond human reach.

Compare between the working procedure of a computer and a human being

Comparison Between the Working Procedure of a Computer and a Human Being:

There are some similarities between the working procedure of a human being and a computer. The main deference is that human has a sense using which it takes decisions and perform a task by itself, whereas a computer need instructions or data to perform a task.

Otherwise, both of them work through a similar way. Such as first of all these take input and then processes the input to generate output (if necessary).

Differences among various types of digital computers in respect of their size, cost and working efficiency

There are 4 kinds of digital computers in respect of their size, cost and working efficiency;such as (a) Microcomputer (b) Minicomputer (c) Mainframe Computer and (d) Super Computer

"Computer can be classified into 2 or 3 ways depending on it's implementation or working principle" - Explain

Depending on implementation computers can be classified into 2 ways, such as, (a) General Computer (b) Special Computer

What is Software Piracy or Copyright Infringement of Software? What should be done to prevent software piracy?

Software Piracy or Copyright Infringement of Software:

Using, modifying, distributing, selling a software without proper license or permission or right is termed as software piracy. A software should only be used as per its license. When a software is covered with copyright laws and gets used in a way that violates one or more conditions, then this use of the software is a copyright infringement of software and this is software piracy.

10 Characteristics of Third (3rd) Generation of Computers

Third Generation of Computer (1965 - 1971):

Use of integrated circuits (IC) started the third generation of computer. IC reduced the size, price, use of electricity etc. IC also facilitates speed and reliability of computers. Development of IC enabled organizing the whole central processing unit in single chip. Use of monitor also started in this generation. Operating system was improved to a new level and high speed line printers were in use. Followings are some of the characteristics of third generation. 

What are peripheral devices? What are the types of peripheral devices? Give Example.

Peripheral Device:

Those devices which are not required or essential for a computer system to boot and run are called peripheral devices. A computer system has four categories of computer hardware among which mostly all I/O devices are peripheral devices. Though there are other devices which are both input and output devices and most of them are peripheral devices. Along with these external and storage devices are also peripherals when the system already has its default storage and memory units.

Peripheral devices help in better use of the computer system, but the computer system itself can run without them.

Examples: Mouse, Keyboard, Sound System etc.

9 Characteristics of Fifth (5th) Generation of Computers

Fifth Generation of Computers:

Computers from fourth generation are in use of everyday work. Fifth generation computers are from the future. Actually the computers from fifth generation are already in use under limited exposure and not available for everyone to try as the development process is still ongoing. A few of the characteristics of those fifth generation computers are already in practice or available in the fourth generation computers but those are either not complete nor available for everyone. Following are some of the characteristics of fifth generation computers.

10 Characteristics of Fourth (4th) Generation of Computers

Fourth Generation of Computers (1971 - present):

The computers that we use now-a-days are the computers from fourth generation. From this generation more use of semi-conductors in memory started. Microprocessors has been created with LSI (Large Scale Integration) and VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration). The size and price of computers has both been reduced to significant levels. Followings are some of the characteristics of computers from fourth generation.