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Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor - CodeLobster IDE

In this article, we suggest you to get acquainted with the free editor of web languages - CodeLobster IDE. It is presented on the software market for a long time already, and it wins a lot of fans.

CodeLobster IDE allows you to edit PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, it highlights the syntax and gives hints for tags, functions and their parameters. This editor easily deals with those files that contain a mixed content.

What are the Differences between Computer Hardware and Software?

Computer Hardware:

Computer Hardware is any part of the computer that can be touched. These are primarily electronic devices used to build up the computer. Computer Hardware actually perform the computing operations along with taking input and sending the computed result as output or to storing that.

What is software? What are the various types of software.


Software is a set of instructions that make the computer perform tasks. In other words, software tells the computer what to do.

Though the array of available programs is vast and varied, most software fall into two major categories; system software and application software.

"Software brings the machine to life" - Justify this satement.

Software Brings The Machine to Life:

The ingredient that enables any computer to perform any task is software, which contains instructions. Set of instructions that drive a computer to perform specific tasks is called a program. These instructions tell the machine's physical components what to do; without the instructions the computer can not do anything.

What are the basic four parts of computer. Describe.

No matter how big it is or how it is used, every computer is a part of a system. A complete computer system consists four basic parts, such as; (a) Hardware (b) Software (c) Data (d) User

What is Software Piracy or Copyright Infringement of Software? What should be done to prevent software piracy?

Software Piracy or Copyright Infringement of Software:

Using, modifying, distributing, selling a software without proper license or permission or right is termed as software piracy. A software should only be used as per its license. When a software is covered with copyright laws and gets used in a way that violates one or more conditions, then this use of the software is a copyright infringement of software and this is software piracy.

7 Differences Between System Software and Application Software

A system, such as: a computer, mobile or device like microwave oven, must need software to function. A software is a set of coded instruction for the system to execute in order to have it's hardware parts performing actions. However, software is primarily of two types, system software and application software.

How software engineering is different from other types of engineering?

Software project management is an essential part of software engineering. However, good management won’t guarantee success, but bad management results in project failure. Software managers are responsible for planning and scheduling development.  They supervise the work to ensure that it is carried out to the required standards and monitor progress to check that the development is on time and within budget.

Software engineering is different from other types of engineering in a number of way which particularly makes software engineering difficult.

What are the various types of software?

Software, by definition, is a collection of computer programs, procedures and documentation that performs different tasks on a computer system. 

There are many types of software and this is increasing with the development of technology. Some of these types are described below.