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8 Differences between optical and magnetic storage devices.

Optical Storage Devices:

Optical storage devices are flat, round disks that spins around its center. The difference with magnetic storage device is that in optical storage devices LASER light is used to read and write data in disks. Examples are CD, DVD etc.

Write short notes on Magnetic Storage Devices

Storage Device:

Those memory devices where we can store data and the data remains in it even without electricity are called storage devices. Along with various programs and system software, user can also keep, delete, move, update the data in storage devices, while this can not be done in memory devices by the user.

Storage devices are very important, along with the need storage for our data, the system software needs to store it's necessary file and configuration even when the computer has no electricity. 

There are primarily 2 types of storage devices; one of those are Magnetic Storage Devices.

Compare among different types of memory devices in terms of performance and costs

Comparing Different Types of Memory Devices in Terms of Cost & Performance:

The best way to measure the cost of a memory device is the purchase price of a complete unit of its. Let C be the price in dollars of a complete memory system with S bits of storage capacity. The cost c of the memory will be defined as follows,
The performance is determined by the rate at which data can be read or written from/ onto the device.