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Describe various kinds of key groups in keyboards


Keyboard is an input device used to enter text, numbers and many more symbols and commands into the computer system.

Standard Keyboard Layout:

Keyboard comes in many styles or layouts. The various models differ from shape, size and feel. Among the IBM compatible computers, the most common keyboard layout is the IBM Enhanced Keyboard. It has about 100-104 keys on it. There are six groups of keys.

How the computer accepts input from the keyboard?

Accepting Input from Keyboard:

When we press a key, a tiny chip in the keyboard called keyboard controller notes that a key has been pressed. Keyboard controller places a coed in the buffer of the keyboard to indicate which key was pressed. Keyboard buffer is a temporary memory of the keyboard controller. The keyboard controller sends a signal to the system software notifying that something happened at the keyboard.

"Keyboard is considered as an input device" - why?

Input Device:

As it's name implies, input devices are devices which can send signals to the CPU. That means, the device we use to send or enter a signal or data to CPU are called input device, such as; keyboard, mouse, microphone etc.

How the computer accepts input for keyboard?

Keyboard is one of the most used input devices. Keyboard is a device with keys for alphanumeric characters along with various other keys to assist using the computer by sending instruction to the computer. The process of sending an instruction to the computer from keyboard when a key in the keyboard has been pressed is described below.