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Explain evaluation of information systems.

Evaluation of Information Systems

The measurement of the efficiency of information systems is the evaluation of information systems. The evaluation of information systems depends on the amount of efficiency in workflow and management an organization achieved by implementing an information system. Evaluation of information systems is measured based on a few criteria as follows:

  1. Dependency of Information
  2. Availability of Information
  3. Support in Business Operation
  4. Help to Survive in Competition
  5. Reduce Uncertainty
  6. Value and Cost of Information
  7. Presentation of Information
  8. Accuracy of Information
  9. Verification and Validation of Information

What are the types of information systems? Explain.

An organization's management generally includes one or more levels depending on the size of the organization and it's managing areas. Different types of information systems are required for different purposes of these levels. However, information systems can be categorized as follows,

  1. Operations Support System
    1. Transaction Processing
    2. Knowledge Work
    3. Office Information
  2. Management Support System
    1. Management Information
    2. Executive Support
    3. Decision Support

What are the roles of computer in Information System?

Roles of Computer in Information Systems

Information systems are in use from an ancient time. With the development of computing technology, computers became an important part of today's modern information systems which satisfies speed, dependability etc. 

Following are the roles of computers in Information Systems
  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Verification
  3. Data Processing
  4. Data Storing
  5. Information Supply
  6. Information Presentation
  7. Data Updates
  8. Security of Data
  9. Information Sharing
  10. System Automation

What is Data and Information? Write the differences between Data and Information.

Data and Information:


Raw materials used in a process to obtain targeted result of goal are called data. In other words, pieces of information which by itself may or may not mean something but useful when connected or used with other pieces of information to form a piece of information that means something, are called data.

Define information, program, syntax rules or grammar and syntax errors.


After converting or processing the data which may consists of numbers, characters, strings etc to something which is useful and make much sense to a person is known as Information. So, information is the converted or processed form of data.