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4 Fundamental Characteristics for the effectiveness of a Data Communications System

The effectiveness of a data communications system depends on the following four fundamental characteristics.

5 Components of a Data Communication Network

Data Communication Network: 

Data communications are the exchange of data between two devices using one or multiple forms of transmission medium. That is, data communication is movement of data from one device or end-point to another device or end point through electrical or optical medium. Systems that facilitates this movement of data between devices or end-points are called data communication network. The devices which are in need to be a part of a data communication network made up of computer hardware and software.

Data communication networks collect data from devices such as microphone and let the data to be carried to the receiver or destination such as a micro-computer or minicomputer. However, it could be the opposite, that is data communication networks can also carry data from a micro-computer or minicomputer to a device such as printer. Data communications networks facilitate more efficient use of computers and improve the day-to-day control of a business by providing faster information flow. They also provide message transfer services to allow computer users to talk to one another via electronic mail, chat, and video streaming.

Following are the five components of a data communication network.
  1. Data
  2. Sender
  3. Receiver
  4. Transmission Medium
  5. Protocol