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Explain Different Types of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) With Suitable Examples

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS):

CSS is used with HTML to define styles for different HTML elements or set of HTML elements. As its name includes, a primary thing about CSS is that it cascades. Developer can define one style for all the elements and then override that style for a one or specific element. For example, initially it can be defined that all links in a page will be of red color, and then we can also define that links with a specific class will be of a different color. In this way, using CSS we gain more control over styling elements and latest version of CSS also supports basic animation with CSS.

10 Tips on CSS: The Right Way

We know how important CSS is in case of developing UI in web projects. But most of the time we don’t take it seriously. When we are asked to create PSD to HTML, we simply start writing our HTML and CSS. We do not examine the complete PSD to find out similarly styled elements, similarly styled elements with very view changes such as with border radius and without border radius, floated at left and floated at right etc. Instead of examining the full PSD to find out this kind of design patterns we start writing CSS from TOP to BOTTOM.

I would say, that is a very bad practice.