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5 Key Functions of Operating System

Q. What are the functions of operating system?

Functions of Operating Systems: 

Operating system’s size, organization and scope of operating vastly depends on the size, organization and use of various computer system. Obviously not all operating systems can be used on all systems. Functions of an operating system are always targeted to meet the needs. Some operating systems are designed to give more flexibility to users, some gives more priority to performance and security and some are designed to be operated by other operating systems, not humans. 

However, following are some general functions of operating systems

7 Different types of operating systems

Q: What are the different types of operating systems? Briefly describe.

Operating systems and computer architecture have had a great influence on each other. As hardware industry started to develop powerful and feature enriched hardware for computers, the operating systems needed to update themselves to harness the power of those hardware. Again, as operating systems started to show what else they can do, hardware manufacturers needed to develop further better hardware. Following are different types of operating systems.

What is operating system? Describe operating systems in brief.

Operating System:

An operating system is an intermediary program between computer user and the computer hardware. This computer user can also be just another software running on the operating system or another computer or device. So basically, operating systems are computer programs that let other computer programs or humans communicate with the hardware of the computers. 

What is operating system (Definition)

Operating system: An operating system is a program that controls the entire operation of a computer system. All input/output functions are channeled through the operating system. The operating system which is the interface between the hardware and the user, handles the execution of user programs.