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Connect to remote MySQL database using SQLyog instead of PHPMyAdmin through cpanel | MySQL GUI Tools

Hello everyone. Today we are going to go through a mysql tutorial on remote database administration. We all know that we can manage mysql database using PHPMyAdmin through cPanel in our web host panel. But sometimes we may not have access to cPanel, but FTP and MySQL login details. So how do you connect at that time without login to cPanel?

Using MySQL Database with Visual Basic .NET 2010


How to use MySQL with Visual Basic .NET? Watch this tutorial for basic mysql connection with visual basic .net 2013/2010/2008. Visual basic database can be anything like MS Access, MSSql etc. but if you are already working with MySQL a lot then probably you would like to use MySQL with your application. To enable application to communicate to MySQL databases, MySQL has already provided a connector .DLL that you need to import to your Visual Basic .NET application which will give all the classes and methods that you will be using to create an application in visual basic .net that connects to MySQL database in order process database related requirements of the application.