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Saving images in MySQL Database from Visual Basic .NET 2010

I am just not sure enough about if this is a good or a bad idea to save images in DB. The most cases I have heard about said that it’s a bad idea and in very fewer articles I have read that “No, it’s same expensive.” But my suggestion would be that, if you have to pull only a single image from DB at a time, then you can use this method. But not in the else cases. In case of web development, there is not need to do this, because PHP is already having very easy procedure to save the image or any file in server’s directory and pulling them back and so as other server side languages.

Using MySQL Database with Visual Basic .NET 2010


How to use MySQL with Visual Basic .NET? Watch this tutorial for basic mysql connection with visual basic .net 2013/2010/2008. Visual basic database can be anything like MS Access, MSSql etc. but if you are already working with MySQL a lot then probably you would like to use MySQL with your application. To enable application to communicate to MySQL databases, MySQL has already provided a connector .DLL that you need to import to your Visual Basic .NET application which will give all the classes and methods that you will be using to create an application in visual basic .net that connects to MySQL database in order process database related requirements of the application.

Tutorial :: Creating a LogIn/Registration Form for your software [Basic]

For whom the tutorial is: Well, I am sorry that this is not for beginners. I mean, when I started writing I thought I will explain each lines of code in this tutorial but, you know it’s impossible for me and I am sorry. So, if you are a complete beginner it will be hard for you to understand.

01.   You should have knowledge about creating functions and their usages.
02.   You should have knowledge about connecting MS Access Databases with VB.NET08.
03.   You should have knowledge about SQL Queries.
04.   You should have basic knowledge about the program structure of VB.NET08

Well, for your interest you can keep this tutorial, try to understand it. Read the following lines to understand what I have done in the code.

The Structure of Program: Well, welcome to this tutorial where we will be building a form for the purpose of “Login of existing users and Registrations of new user”.