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How To Add/Remove a Label To/From Multiple Posts at a Time in Blogger?

Dear blogger users, when we start blogging with blogger we misuse labels in blogger in blog posts. We generally forget that labels in blogger blog posts are like categories. Sometimes we might also not use meaningful labels to blog posts. Instead we use meaningless labels to our blog posts. Thus after a year, when we start learning more about categorizing blog posts with labels, we find hundreds of meaningless or misused or misspelled labels in our blog posts.

How to add adsense ads in the middle of the content in blogger template?

Middle of the Content is the best performing ad position for me so far among all the 5 Best Ad Positions I discussed earlier. This ad position is so effective as the reader sees the ad while reading your post and if you can blend the ad style with the style of the content then the reader will definitely click on it if the ad is relative to the content and valuable to the reader's interest.

I am going to discuss two ways, both ways required you to setup a bit of jQuery code in your template initially. Where the ways differ is that in the second way, you have to EDIT HTML of your content (post or page).

Both of the ways, require jQuery, those one with good JS understanding can implement this without jQuery.

How to find the data:post.body or post body in blogger template?

In blogger template, <data:post.body/> is the tag which prints out the full body of your post. This is important to know where this tag is to do things around post body. But the problem is, in some templates there can more than one <data:post.body/>. So how to find which one is the one that prints your post? Unfortunately there is only one way, debugging.

Dynamic META Description in blogger template.

Blogger or Blogspot is a free blogging platform from Google. In blogger, you can create a blog for free and just in a few moments, you just need a google account (such as a Gmail Account) to start a blog instantly. If you are familiar with web applications like an gmail, facebook etc., that is enough to start a blog with blogger.

Anyway, though you can create a blog with just a few clicks, you might need some SEO tweaks to have your blog doing well in search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a vast thing to discuss. In this post, we will only discuss about META keywords and descriptions in a blogger template.

META description is a small text description of what an webpage is all about. META keywords and descriptions are important parts of any website, such as your blogger blog. This two fields in your template helps the search engine bots to better understand the content of the page. Thus if you write a constant META description that appears in all of your blog pages, contents etc. then the search engine bot will not recognize each of your post well enough. For example, you might be having a post on cricket and another on football. Obviously a common description for these two posts will not help much a bot to understand the posts clearly.