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How To Add/Remove a Label To/From Multiple Posts at a Time in Blogger?

Dear blogger users, when we start blogging with blogger we misuse labels in blogger in blog posts. We generally forget that labels in blogger blog posts are like categories. Sometimes we might also not use meaningful labels to blog posts. Instead we use meaningless labels to our blog posts. Thus after a year, when we start learning more about categorizing blog posts with labels, we find hundreds of meaningless or misused or misspelled labels in our blog posts.

8 Easy Tips to Improve Bounce Rate or Increase Pageviews/User

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors of your site which leave your site from the very page they arrived at without visiting any other page. The more the bounce rate is, the more worst the case is.

Consider that you get 1000 unique visitors each day, and if your bounce rate is 100% then you get only 1000 page views as all your visitors bounced away right from page they arrived without navigating to any other pages.

So this is important to improve the bounce rate of your website to get more page views at the end of the day. Bounce rate in entertainment websites, news websites are always very good. On the other hand, sites like tips and tricks, solution to specific problem, tutorial sites do not generally get better bounce rate as readers on this website generally arrive with a problem in mind and they take solution and leave it to apply the solution. But this is just a general scenario.