Terms and Conditions

Dear Readers,

Following are the term and conditions for using onlineclassnotes.com and all of it's data and features. Please read them carefully before you go for any interaction.

1. Use and reuse of published content (text, image, video etc.):

All the contents published here are meant to help the relevant audience/visitor. You can use them just the way you use other information from WWW, but following are the exceptions

  1. Reuse in printed documents: You can use the contents on the papers you write with proper highlighted remark about where you obtained the content from.
  2. Reuse in onlineYou can not use a full content published on your website or any other online media. However, you can obviously quote content with proper reference and back link to original content.

2. Sharing: 

Sharing of the link of a content is allowed. If you find a content helpful and think that it can help other people around, feel free to share the link of the content in social media or in your website or any other website, so that everyone can reach the content and get help.

3. Question Submission

  1. Please submit questions from the courses of CSE.
  2. You can also submit tutorial request for problems in the field of web development with PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, JQuery UI, Bootstrap etc.
  3. No question is guaranteed to be answered.
  4. There is no minimum or maximum time for posting answers to the submitted questions. However in most cases it will take from 3-7 days.
  5. We always encourage you to consider the posted answer as a guide or resource, not as the answer that you will write on your answer script. 
  6. Posted answer to a question you submitted may or may not satisfy you.

The above list of Terms and Condition is not fixed and a obviously changeable with time. I keep the right to change this list of Terms and Condition by altering, adding, removing any of the Terms and Condition.

Thank You for reading.



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