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Following are the privacy policies, please read them carefully. From now on will be referred as OCN.

1. Use of Cookies: 

Cookies are used to for storing data in your PC so that the next time you visit this page, the page can know how it was for you in your last visit. The purpose of storing information is just to enhance your browsing experience throughout this site. Not meant to be hurt. This template is not written completely by me, so the used plugins of the template may use cookies, but whatever it is, they are just to help the system being acting more the way you like. You can always stop the use of cookies for this site or any other site using your browsers configuration.


  1. OCN uses facebook comment plugin.
  2. OCN keep the rights to delete a comment with or without any kind of prior or post acknowledgement to the very person who commented.

3. Question Submission

  1. OCN will not publish your name and email address that you submitted while submitting questions to OCN.

The above list of Privacy Policy is not fixed and a obviously changeable with time. I keep the right to change this list of Privacy Policy by altering, adding, removing any of the Privacy Policy.

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