What is computer threat? Describe any 6 computer threats.

Computer Threats:

A threat, in general, is a person or a thing likely to cause damage or danger. In computer security, a computer threat is a possible danger that might exploit vulnerability to breach security and therefore cause possible harm. A computer threat is any activity that can cause damage to private or any data of an user or organization or any system in ways like removing, stealing, manipulating etc. This can be more summarized to unauthorized access to data of a system and causing damage to that.

What is malware? Describe any 5 types of computer malware with an example.


Malicious Software or Malware is any piece of software that disrupts computer operation, steal information, gain access to private systems or display unwanted advertising. Malware causes intentional harm, direct or indirect, to the computer by damaging files etc. or to the user by stealing sensitive information of the user from the computer etc. A software with bug causing unintentional harm is not a Malware. Malware are developed with targets which can be as simple as displaying ads to as serious as deleting or damaging files to stealing bank account or credit card information of the user.

What are the steps followed by CPU to Execute an Instruction?

CPU (Central Processing Unit):

CPU or central processing unit is an electronic circuitry that carries out the instruction given by a computer program. CPU execute instruction by performing basic arithmetic, logical, control and I/O operations as required per instruction. CPU is considered to be the brain of the computer. The speed and efficiency of a computer mostly depends that of it's CPU.

What is Motherboard? What are the role or functions of motherboard?


A motherboard is a printed circuit board (PCB) that holds other modular devices, both required and additional, and facilitate communication among the devices to actually have the computer be functional.

Motherboard is like a backbone to a computer system. Components like CPU, RAM, Harddisks along with additional devices like TV Cards, graphics etc. all initially connects to the motherboard. The motherboard enables the devices by ensuring power supply to the device, transferring instruction from and to the device etc.

Define Instruction Set Architecture. What are the main objectives of ISA in computer systems.

Instruction Set Architecture (ISA):

An instruction set is the interface between a computer's software and its hardware, and thereby enables the independent development of these two computing realms. ISA is the set of basic instructions that a processor understands.

ISA includes functional definition of operations, modes, and storage locations supported by hardware and precise description of how to invoke, and access them.

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What are CISC & RISC? What are differences between CISC and RISC?

The instruction set or the instruction set architecture (ISA) is the set of basic instructions that a processor understands. The instruction set is a portion of what makes up an architecture.

Two initial types of instruction set architecture are CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) and RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer).