What is CPU? What are the functions of CPU?

CPU (Central Processing Unit):

CPU or central processing unit is an electronic circuitry that carries out the instruction given by a computer program. CPU execute instruction by performing basic arithmetic, logical, control and I/O operations as required per instruction. CPU is considered to be the brain of the computer. The speed and efficiency of a computer mostly depends that of it's CPU.

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Functions of CPU: 

What is CPU? What are the functions of CPU?Among various functions of CPU some are as follows
  1. Controlling all other parts of the machine and sending timing signals.
  2. Transferring data between memory and I/O devices
  3. Fetching data and instructions from memory
  4. Decoding instruction
  5. Performing arithmetical and logical operations
  6. Executing programs stored in memory
  7. Performing communication among the I/O devices etc.



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