What are the characteristics of computer?

Characteristics of Computer

Computer became so popular and more important part, unavoidable device of today's world because of its characteristic like correct and dependable outputs, high speed, accuracy etc. Following are the characteristics of computer:

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1. High Speed

Computer devices, now a days, works in an amazing speed that we can't even imagine of. It works so fast because computers works using electric signals which runs like light-speed. Computers can do billions of calculations in a second. If smallest unit of time for humans is seconds, computers work by the followings

     a) 1 millisecond = 10-3 or 1/1000 seconds
     b) 1 microsecond = 10-6 or 1/1000000 seconds
     c) 1 nanosecond = 10-9 or 1/1000000000 seconds
     d) 1 picosecond = 10-12 or 1/1000000000000 seconds

2. Reliability

Though computers work this fast, they still provide reliable outputs. Today's technology enables computers execute billions of tasks in seconds. However, to get correct output, the inputs has to be correct too. Output from computer is so reliable that if it outputs something that you think is not correct then it is called, "Garbage in, Garbage out".

What are the characteristics of computer?


3. Accuracy 

Computers can perform floating point operation to so many decimal points that the accuracy is beyond expected.

4. Diligence

As computer is a machine, not a living being, it never gets tired. Simply, it can also keep repeating the same task as many times as it is asked too.


5. Memory

Computer has enormous memory. Though when it was started back in 50s, it was so very small, like a few KB, but with time, now a days a computer HDD can be of around couple of TB to PB. 

6. Logical Decision

Computer can't think and take decision itself. But computer programs can be writen in a way to that it takes logical decisions. Still, it is just the program writen by humans, executed by the computer.

What are the characteristics of computer?

7. Versatility

Computer is not only in use to calculate numeric values. Computer is in use from medical, scientific experiments, multimedia etc. Computers cover mostly every area we can think of, now a days.

8. Automation

Computer programs can schedule tasks that a computer can execute without any interaction. Computer programs can also store procedures which computers can execute one after another, again and again.



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