Think Slow and Stay Steady

Human brain, an amazing thing with amazing features installed. We are not that much aware of how fast it process data that it receives from enormous number of sensors. It keeps going on, even when we were in the womb of our mother. From that very starting point it keeps running until we die, well that’s how far we know. 

But today, I would like to tell you about something else. Information that you gather in websites comes from different sources. May its from science research, or from someone guessing something etc. So please be noted that the following information that you are about read was not collected from a research, it is just I found helpful from my life experiences.

Think Slow and find fastest way or the optimal one.

Well in movies you might have seen, I just can’t remember some names to refer you now, but you might have seen people going ultra-slow that they see everything clearly, some kind of super-natural power. They can move so fast even before an eye-blink which is in reverse what I want to say. Our brain and our sensors can work so fast that it misses a lot of tiny data, actually it misses nothing, but we can’t notice it because we are thinking fast. For example, think about steps our brain takes when some ask us something. Consider, the following conversation:

1: Add two numbers.
2: What are they?
1: Four and Five
2: Its nine.

Well, it can be shorter. Like the following
1: Add Four and Five
2: Nine

You see. But the steps, more precisely involves the following

1: Add two numbers
2: What are they?
1: Four
2: Ok, next?
1: Five
2: Ok,
2: Adding Four and Five.
2: It’s Nine

These steps can be more, I have no idea how we receive and process data, I am not a researching on it. 

But my point is that if can analyze what you receive more slowly instead directly getting to the end, you will obviously find more evidence or detailed data. In our life, we think that if we can think faster we will think more than other. But actually, what I found in my short life, if I think faster I miss a lot of detailed points. So I found, when I think slow, try to capture detail and analyze it, it always helps to find the exact Point of Problem, and required to solution to.

To the “Wanna Be” programmers or coders or developers or as you like to call yourself, my suggestion would be that whenever someone in charge describing you a problem, try to think very very slow to analyze every piece of information that is received and you will be amazed to see that you can now relate one or more pieces to other one or more pieces of data. It is very much required to break down information into fragments, and you will notice that now you can find relation exist among various fragments, so you can now group those fragments into a class and by studying the nature of resulting object, you can define methods for them to work on them. 

Well, Thinking slow will help you analyze detailed data and will help make better information. It is not like you will stop thinking faster. Well, it’s like the story “Once a man was given an axe and was asked to cut down tree in 6 hours. The man, didn’t start cutting. Rather he started to sharpen the axe and continued to do this 4 hours and after worked on 1 hour on the tree with his very sharp axe.”

And about steady? Well I know that you know the story. Slow and Steady wins race.

I hope the story helps. Let me know what you think about it.



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