Don’t worry much about things you can’t control

Author: Tanmay Chakrabarty

First Published On: Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 9:31 AM

Dont Worry, Be Happy
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Only those people should be aware of Narcotics Anonymous who are somehow related to this treatment process of drug addict people. May be he has taken the treatment or provided it or related to any of them. I am not going to discuss about Narcotics Anonymous, but about two lines of one of those many prayers of the treatment process.

When I was in the rehabilitation center, we used to pray this prayer in Bengali, It was the prayer of forgiveness, which has two lines as following (not completely accurate, I might have forgot it)

“My Lord, give me the bravery to accept those I can not change
And, give me the power to change those I can”

This article is for everyone, not only for drug addict. I have recently come across two people who worry a lot about those matters which they can’t control. But still they worry a lot about those matters and stay in depression. Obviously, being an Engineer, I am not here to provide medical treatment. But it’s true, that a healthy mind can cure a lot of physical problems. At least, I believe this.

If you do believe in God, then you can really leave all those matters on your God’s shoulder which can’t control. At least, as you believe that, “God exist and He has all the powers”, you can leave all those matters on him which are uncontrollable by you and stay in peace and you should stay peace as you know he has all the powers.

But this doesn’t mean that you will leave your duty of office on his shoulder and will stay home. You have this in your control and you can obviously maintain your office. But why will burn inside for a mistake you done long ago and you can’t change it. What you can do is keeping yourself away from doing the same mistake again in your future, you can help those who were affected by your mistake and ask for forgiveness. Again, in some cases it can not be done, as in some cases you can not face those affected people, it can be harmful or dangerous for you. In cases like this, we can pray to the almighty and ask for forgiveness and for their betterment. As we can not do anything more than that, now we can leave rest of the duty on our God’s shoulder. This don’t have to be that you are now guilt-free, you are praying to God for betterment of every life on earth along with them and asking for forgiveness, why, as because you are not guilt-free. What you are not doing is that, you are not helping them directly as it can be something which is not supposed to be, I mean, dangerous.

If the above discussion is still not making the point clear, a simple example can be brought from the life of an addict. An addict takes treatment to get well, get a new start of life. Now, at the very beginning of his new life, if he plans to repay those who were affected by his action when he was an addict, it’s a good step.  But it can also may, that once, in his addiction period, he stole something of his friend without getting caught and if he now steps forward to repay it, it is not going to be clever step. In addiction period, the addict might have a lot misunderstanding, quarrel and fight with others, and stepping toward repaying these will also only bring more trouble. But what he can do is, ask for forgiveness in his prayers and betterment for them and keep a target in his mind so that he never do those again.

Ask Forgiveness From AlmightyIn family, lot of problems can arise with times, you won’t have the control always in your hand. For example, you elder brother got ill, your father is not having much money, again, recently your family had to spend a lot of money due to celebration of an event, along with this you final exam is going on. But in this real bad time of the family you are so upset this can not make you mind for study. You may think, that this is normal, but from different point of view, it’s not normal. You don’t control this situation, your father does. You can rely on God, pray to him to help your father, and can be sure that your father will get out of these troubles with the help of the God. And you continue your study. After all these storm, when your result will come out, you success will give your family a lot of happiness and you will remain on the path you should be. And all these are not trying to mean that you are so selfish. You did whatever you could have done for them and for yourself, both. Having a worried face or mind may make it seem that you are so conscious  and not selfish, along with, you are a fool, wasting both side by not doing anything, though you still pray while having a worried mind, but at least you will lose what you could grab simple side by side, your result.

The bottom line of my discussion is that, you can leave all those matters which you can’t control on God’s shoulder and stay stepping on your way. And if you are a recovering-addict, starting this new life is so difficult which cause most the recovering-addict to lose track. A non-addict will never understand your problem. So keep contact with your fellow recovering-addict and discuss your problems with them. You feel relaxed. And try to avoid all those which are risky and don’t let the guilty-feeling grow up in your mind, doesn’t matter how it is for a normal, it is always a danger signal for a recovering addict. Leave the guilty-feeling and ask for forgiveness from God and promise to yourself, “Never again, not at any cost”

Stay Well. Stay Healthy.



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