Tic Tac Toe on Bigger Board

Again, my another production of leisure time job, Tic Tac Toe game, but on a bigger board. This board has 12x12 cells on it. Its a two player game, as because I don't have that much of intelligence to build artificial intelligence. 

If you are already introduced with this game then there is nothing much to say. Its simple and easy and funny and interesting. Two players will have two different symbols, in this case 'X' and 'O'. By clicking on a cell, a player's symbol will occupy the cell. Then the other player will click on another cell to occupy that. 

The goal is to occupy three consecutive cells by a player in side by side or diagonal format. Creating each such combination brings a point for the player. A cell will be considered used when it has became a part of a combination. In a combination there can be 1 used cell, and the other two cells will mush have to be unused. This is how the game continues. 

When there is no more empty cell on the board, the game ends. The player with most points wins the game. 

I hope, at least those people will enjoy who have played it earlier when was in school, with friends or others. If you haven't played it earlier, you will still enjoy it, just manage your opponent and start playing.



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