Tanmay's Snake Game

Well, you are all known with this game and there is nothing new I am providing here. I just liked coding it. And, I also think that people who likes coding and of my level (which is one step higher than beginner in case of JS, I think).

This game is really very simple now. On landing, click on the button titled as "Start Game" the snake will start moving to the right side. You can control this snakes moves with the 4 arrow keys (left, right, bottom, top) on your keyboard. Keep your eyes as soon an apple will be there somewhere, try to get your snake to the apple and eat it, it won't be there forever, so be quick. Each apple brings you 1 point.

This stage has no obstacles on it. If you reach a border, your snake's head will enter the board from just the opposite side. So, this is an obvious way to quickly arrive the apple.

There is another hint for you, long-pressing an arrow key will move the snake quickly to that direction.

Don't eat your own body-part, this will kill you.

Soon, I will be adding stages with obstacles and time limits and multiple apples etc challenges and fun to this game.

I hope you will like it.



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