Pattern Password Technique by Tanmay

Well, I don't know if this is a good and secured way in sense of web security or not but as much my own logic works, I found this is much secured than a password. I mean, I think, guessing a password is easier than guessing a pattern.

I used it first time on my android and liked it and then wrote this to apply the technique on websites. What do you think?

Here, its just a sample. There is a username field on the right panel, provide an username (this must have to be unique) and then on the left panel click on circle and drag your mouse over the circles to draw your pattern. Once you have drawn your pattern and also provided an username, click on the register button. This will register your username and pattern. A message box will appear with successful information about registration (in case, if the username you provided wasn't taken by any other else). Now, provide your username and pattern again and click on the login button to get logged in. This will again show off an alert box with successful information about log in.

This is just a sample the technique in use.

Please share your ideas related to this, I thinking about using this technique on my next project, thus I would like to know if this is secured or not.



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