Letter Memory Game ... Play For Fun

Hello everyone. I was too busy this weekend with lots household tasks to finish and thus failed to find out time to sit in front of the PC for a while. However, I can't let my weekend go blank and thus decided to code a little and simple game, which is Letter Memory Game.

This game has many name and many forms around the web. I used to play one where it was images to match instead of letters. However, as I said, I was in need to make my work simple, I used letters.

This game is simple. Upon landing on the game page, click on the "Start Game" button and a table of 36 cells will appear of the same color. This cells holds letters. There are 18 pairs of letters in these 36 cells.

Upon clicking on a cell the cover will be removed and the letter will appear. Now try to open another cell to see which letter it holds. If these two cells holds the same letter, its match and you get 10 points and the cells will remain opened. But if they don't match, 1 point will be taken away and the cells will again get covered.

Trick: Try to evaluate few cells and remember which cell holds which letter. This is vital, this is the game all about, Memorize cells with their letters. Thus after evaluating few cells you will find a letter that you have seen in a cell earlier. Voila, then open that cell and it will be a match.

Ok, so click on the following link to reach the game page.



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