Tanmay's Expression Based Calculator released, Download Now !!!

Hello everyone, I am really very happy to release this calculator. Alright, yeah, it is not something revolutionary or such, its just a CALCULATOR I wrote when I was a student at University. It was my assignment. I tried to made it fully functional. As being a full time Software Engineer, I don't get enough time to work personally. But, after all this, I checked and made some minor changes and releasing it. I am 100% sure that it will come helpful to you.

I wrote this calculator based on the input-output of Casio fx-570 MS calculator, though this doesn't mean that all the functionality of Casio fx-570 MS can be found in my calculator. But it will help you in those time when you really need to calculate a calculation of more than only two operands.

About 1.5 years back, I released it once and got feedback with some errors, that's why I asked people not to use it. However current version is not really having any error (as much I can test, still it may), rather it is having some syntax related issues. For example, 

(5(-5)+3÷(-10))sin90 will output -25.3 in Casio fx-570 MS and will output 1.

Well, to avoid such malfunctioning just use enough brackets to separate the operands as 

(5(-5)+3÷(-10))(sin90) will output -25.3 in my calculator.

I did not find any more error without related to BRACKETs. Use of enough brackets will always render correct output.

Below are some snapshots of input-output of the calculator.

If you find any error then please send me the input and corresponding output.



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