DND brings you "Hit The Link"

Introduction: This software, "Hit The Link" has been built with keeping no direct target use in mind. It was built on the way while I was learning about manipulating webpages from Visual Basic .Net by codes. However, If it somehow comes to any of your needs, I will be glad to know that.

Use of the Software: The Use of the software is to hit or visit a web-link in the background as many time as the user specifies [Maximum 10 times at a time]. More clearly, the user will provide a web-link to the software and also the number of hits wanted [less than 11]. Then, the software will start visiting or hitting the web-link. That's the simple purpose. But, well, not that simple, you can use it many ways, but I want you to think about how the hell gonna make the best out of it.

Using the Software: The using procedure is so simple that this is the first time I am writing about any of my program without any image indication or markup. The main interface is the one shown the above given image. There are two text fields, first one is labeled as "Link" where you will input the web-link to hit and the second one is labeled as "Hits" where you will provide the number of hits (integer value). Then you will click on the "Start Hitting" button and seat back. The software will start visiting the web-link and the progress-bar next to the button will display the progress and after completion you will get message about the completion.

Ok, now to get software, use the following link.

Product Name: Hit The Link
By: Tanmay Chakrabarty
Latest Version: 1.0.1
File Size: 141 KB
Hosted At: Mediafire



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