What are the various types of software?

Software, by definition, is a collection of computer programs, procedures and documentation that performs different tasks on a computer system. 

There are many types of software and this is increasing with the development of technology. Some of these types are described below.

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Explain various types of software.

Various Types of Software:

01. System Software: 

System software helps in running the computer hardware and the computer system. System software is a collection of operating systems; device drivers, servers, windowing systems and utilities. System software is the communicator of user and hardware.

02. Programming Software: 

Programming software come in forms of tools that assist a programmer in writing computer programs. Computer programs are sets of logical instructions that make a computer system perform certain tasks. The tools which help the programmers in instructing a computer system include text editors, compilers and interpreters.

03. Application Software: 

Application software consists of standalone programs that solve a specific business need. Business software, databases and educational software are some forms of application software. Different word processors, which are dedicated for specialized tasks to be performed by the user, are other examples of application software.

04. Engineering / Scientific Software: 

These software ranges from astronomy to volcanology, from automotive stress analysis to space shuttle orbital dynamics and from molecular biology to automated manufacturing. This software is used in various aspects of engineering examination, scientific experiments and calculations etc.


Explain various types of software.

05. Embedded Software: 

Embedded software resides within a product to perform some specific tasks. Such as the button control pad of microwave oven, the display controller, fuel controller of an automobile, secure gate pass of an elevator or lift etc.

06. Product-line Software: 

Software that are designed to use by many different customers. Product-line software can focus on a limited marketplace such as inventory control products or address mass consumer markets such as word processing, spreadsheets, graphics etc.

07. Web Applications: 

Web applications are online software. These software work through web sites mainly. These applications not only provide standalone features but also integrated with corporate databases and business applications.

08. Artificial Intelligence Software: 

AI software makes use of nonnumerical algorithms to solve complex problems that are amenable to computation or straightforward analysis. Application within this area includes robotics, expert systems, pattern recognition, game playing etc.

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