Explain the steps of software development.

Steps of Software Development: A software development process is a structure imposed on the development of a software product. Software development is a detailed process. It includes many steps which is dependent on the software to develop. But the main steps of a software development process have been discussed below.

01. Gathering requirements: The important task in creating a software product is extracting the requirements or requirements analysis. The customers sometimes bear incomplete or abstract idea about what the software will give as output in the end. So it is very important to obtain a details requirement based on which all the other tasks will be done.

02. Planning: Once gathering of requirements is complete, one can start planning to fulfill the job. This activity may include planning about work schedule, tools, products to produce, methods to use, risks to be taken etc.

03. Modeling or organizing: Modeling the software will include the design to work on. This will allow to better understanding software requirements.

04. Tools or techniques: This activity may be planned earlier but at this stage the previous plan may need some modifications. That is, the tools will have to be chosen based on the model or design which has been made.

05. Implementation: In this stage, its time to implement what have been designed with the help of the tools which have been chosen. This is the part where the developer will write the codes for the software.

06. Testing: It is another important part. Here the written code or the software will be tested to find out error or places which need modification or corrections.

07. Deployment: At this stage, everything is done. It is time to deliver the software.

08. Update: As by time customers demand may change so new upgrade or update may necessary. If so, then the developer will have to develop the demanded areas. 

Describe that “Software development is a layered technology”.



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