DND Secured Text Encryption to Image and Decryption [Full Version]

I am really happy to finally release the Full Version of my software "DND Secured Text Encryption", the version is now 1.0.1 .The previously released version was with two bugs [as far I found, hopping users will find more] and one single limitation. The bugs have been fixed and the limitation has been withdrawn. Now you can encrypt your text to image and can decrypt the image to text on any computer.

The software is here with a very few changes on it. Follow the following tutorial.

তরী তিন

বছরান্তে আবারো তাকায়ে পেছনে
কতটুকু অর্জন করিয়াছি ক্ষণে
ঘটনার ঘনঘটা কী রহিলো মনে
পলকবিহীন চোখে তাকায়ে সে পানে