Resize a group of images in one click with DND Group Image Resizer

Many times you may need to resize a group of photos to a specific size or with percentage value. But opening, resizeing and saving those photos one by one will take time and its a tedious job. DND Group Image Resizer will make job easy. With this software you can select many images at once and resize them.

Download the software from the following link.

The software is not required to install, run it.

The software will provide an interface as follows,

Click on the "Add Images" button to select a folder with images, you can do this as many times as you want. [In next version, you will be able to select images.]

Only images with *.jpg, *.gif, *.bmp, *.png extensions will be opened.  You can remove one or more photos from the added images by selecting the images to remove and then clicking the "Clear Selected" Button.

Now come to the "Settings" option. Here, check the "By Pixels" radio button if you wish to resize the images with a exact value of height and width in pixels. Values of height and width can not be greater the 4000 pixels.

Again, if you will the resize the images with a percentage value then check the "By Percentage" radio button and provide values. Values of height and width can not be greater than 1000%.

You can specify the folder where you want to save the resized images by clicking the "Browser" button or you can leave it to save the images to the default location.

Finally click on the "Resize Now" button, this will start the resizeing process.

After the resizeing has been completed, a confirmation message will be shown. Click "Ok". You can open the folder where the images has been saved by clicking the "Open" button.


I wrote the software just because I have a mobile phone which can captures images at a size of 1280*1024 and can get a lot of contents but the quality remains poor. When this photo will be resized to 640*512 size, the image looks much better. But if I capture images at 640*512 size, it takes less contents than 1280*512 image. Thus I have to resize the images of my phone each time. To make it easy, I wrote this software.



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