Society, Education, System and WE !!!

Well, the question which is hunting me deep inside for the last 5-7 days, Why I will have to care about others a lot? Why I will have to care about what my father wants me to do, to be? I have my own life, my own choices, then why before taking decisions which are fully related to me, I will have to consider my parents opinions?

Decisions like, side of education, the way of learning, the way of living are all related to me only. What do you think? Should my parents get their hands in it? I don't think so. I should be doing what suits me most. At least when I am a mature person to handle these cases of my life.
To tell you the very truth, I am in confusion. I think, actually, I believe that I am not living my own life. I am living a life which has been shaped by my parents, my relatives. Their faiths, beliefs has been injected to me. But why? All right, this is going to be a series post and this is the 1st post of that series. 

From the very childhood when I wasn't even able to wear my pant, tie my shoes, my parents taught me how. They didn't sleep after nights over nights when I was sick. They brought me foods, cloths, shelter, Medicare, got me admitted into school, obviously paid for that....and the list continues. But just because doing all these for me, have they BOUGHT my very own life? 

Well, some of the people answers like, they haven't bought your life, they gave it to you by bringing you to this earth. Well my reply is, that’s why it’s their duty to do all these sort of things for the betterment of me and it will be my wish If I am going to give them something in return or not. That’s because, I am not bound to them but they are bound to take care of me.

I know it sounds crazy or something worst. But this is truth. No parents can have their hands over their children's wish after their child has crossed 18. After 18 each and every decision of one's life should be taken by him and him alone. Well, there are so many well-wishers of him like friends, relatives, parents etc. who can suggest him some opinions but can never force him to chose his way. 

In the society around me I can see parents not only forcing their child but also doing more worst thing, EMOTIONAL BLACKMAILING. For example, a boy fell in love with a girl and wants to marry her, his parents will come up in the middle of the process with gloomy faces, crying eyes and words like "if you marry that girl we will leave you", "if you marry that girl I will never forgive you" etc. etc. The boy then gets in a huge hesitation and confusion. What should he do? He gets his parents at one side and his love at another. That’s how, our parents make us cry, even they DESTROY LIVES. 

If I think that I am OK with my decision about my life then why someone from my family or from the society will come up to protest it with social rules, religious rules (This is the most disgusting) etc. My life can not belong to someone else without my wish. 

In other cases, like education, Most of the families decide what their new born baby will become in future. But how they can do that? What someone will be is up to that very person. But our family not only decides it but also forces the children to walk on their chosen path.

We live in society. That’s true. But I believe that, not only society but even also God has no right to interfere with my very own life. Its mine and I am the only person who will shape it.

Our society, our families are killers. They kill most of the persons around us in their early life before 18. They shape everyone with their view.

What is the difference between an educated and a non-educated person? Well, the difference is in the way of thinking, the way they take a situation and their view to a same event. Educated person gets a window in their mind to look out and think and take decisions. What if the outer-side of the window has already been shaped?

Yes, that’s what happens. If you think you can think freely, try yourself again. Your thoughts will be limited. You will never be able to cross over the beliefs you have been injected when you were a child. Like religious limitations, social relations, options etc. Though we get education we don’t obtain the open world. Because of the shaped, limited mind we have.

And what about our education? Huh....if you think you are getting educated, you are not. It has turned to be a race of life. You are not learning at your will. Even a child does not love to study. He doesn't find the interest in it. If you were given a book just to read it out and share what you have got in your mind after finishing the book, you will learn it. But if I ask you to read a single chapter of the book from where I will question you for marks (That’s what you target is), you wont learn anything. You will not think about what you are reading, you will just read it out carefully so that you can answer me. That’s what going on. No one wants to learn, everyone is behind marks, results then a job. What’s wrong with it?

Hmmm....its difficult to state what’s wrong with it. Well, answer this question very honestly "Suppose that you are going to a very important meeting where it can give you a chance to make deal with a profit of about 1 million $. The car stopped at traffic, out of your window you saw a very poor and old aged beggar has got injured and crying for help. Will you take that beggar to hospital first?" No, you won’t.

I am 100% sure that you have seen boys who were teasing girls by the road-side. What did you do? Did you protest? Did you inform the police? No, you haven't done anything. It’s because, our heart has died. Whatever we have over our skulls is a showpiece, it’s not a human. We have lost our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, our cares for others, our helpful mind, our love, our time. That’s what this race-running-education gave us.

..........(will continue.)



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