Blogspot Tutorial : 4 Easy Steps to Create and Start blogging freely at or Blogger

Well, This is the first tutorial where we will be creating our blog and will publish one blog post on our free blogspot blog. So lets start..

First of all I would like to say something about Blogspot, subdomain of which we will be using in general. You can buy your own domain, perhaps I am assuming for this tutorial that you will be using a subdomain. For example, if you choose “myblog” as the URL of your blog, your address will be

Well, if you dont have a google account then you will need an extra step where you will have to create a Google account first. Obviously that is also free. Goto any google product’s homepage, like and signup for an account.

Now I am considering that you have got your Google ID and Password. Now goto this website and log in with your Google ID and Password.

After you have logged in, you will be seeing this page

In this page, in the Display Name textbox Enter your name. This will be shown as the name of the writer after each post at your blog. You can input your own name, or anything you want. I will inspire you to use your own name.

After that Read the Term of Service very carefully and if you think you can go with those check mark the checkbox at Acceptance of Terms and Click Continue.

And thats it, are done. Well, you just have do just a little more things before you can start writing. So now this page will be on your monitor.

Well, as I am from Bangladesh which was selected when I have created my gmail account, this page is in Bangla Language. Choose your language from the language option at the top-right corner of the page [See the above given image]. For the sake of all my readers, I am choosing the language as English. So the page is now as follows,

Click on “Create Your Blog Now”. The following page will appear,

Be careful with this page. Choose a Blog Title for you blog. Remember blog titles are not the blog URL or address. Like the URL of my blog is and the title of my blog is Computer Programming. You see the URL in your browser's address bar and the title at the Title Bar of your browser as follows,

These two are vital, so choose carefully. After that click ContinueThe next page will let you choose the LOOK of your blog, that is the template.

There are several beautiful template, chose any one of those to Continue, you can change them later.

Ok, this time truly speaking, you are done. You can start writing now, just click on Start Blogging on this page [See the above image], The next page that will appear is the page where you will get a space for writing as follows

In the Title Box provide the title of your blog-post and in the big text box below that write down your blog. I am sure you are familiar with the tools there are with the blog-posting textbox, however keep visiting because I am going to elaborate them all.

This is for today. After you have written your blog click on Publish Post to publish the blog. Now you can go to your blog typing the URL in the browser or by Clicking View Blog at the Top of the page and you will find your post there. Before leaving your account dont forget to sign out.

Look, there are lot more things to explain, I will keep posting, so keep up with it.



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