Society, Education, System and WE !!!

Well, the question which is hunting me deep inside for the last 5-7 days, Why I will have to care about others a lot? Why I will have to care about what my father wants me to do, to be? I have my own life, my own choices, then why before taking decisions which are fully related to me, I will have to consider my parents opinions?

Decisions like, side of education, the way of learning, the way of living are all related to me only. What do you think? Should my parents get their hands in it? I don't think so. I should be doing what suits me most. At least when I am a mature person to handle these cases of my life.

Blogspot Tutorial : 4 Easy Steps to Create and Start blogging freely at or Blogger

Well, This is the first tutorial where we will be creating our blog and will publish one blog post on our free blogspot blog. So lets start..

First of all I would like to say something about Blogspot, subdomain of which we will be using in general. You can buy your own domain, perhaps I am assuming for this tutorial that you will be using a subdomain. For example, if you choose “myblog” as the URL of your blog, your address will be

Becoming a good person, a gentle one I got the title "Jerk", at some cases "Jackass"

Nearly 5 years ago I was a completely different person from the type of person I am now. I was that much of rough as much I am gentle now. I was, you know, a bad, hot temper, rude, trouble maker, ……I don’t know much English, that’s why failing to choose the correct words to describe how I was, but I hope you can understand.

But I left that dark path on 29th October 2006 and never did such kind of bad things from then. I changed completely to someone, completely different.

ভালো হয়ে, ভদ্র হয়ে উপাধি পেলাম - ‌'বোকা', ক্ষেত্রবিশেষে 'বলদ'

আমি আজ যেমন, আজ থেকে বছর চারেকের একটু বেশি আগে ছিলাম ঠিক এর উল্টো। আজ যতটা ভদ্র থাকি আগে ততটাই অভদ্র ছিলাম। এককথায় খারাপ, রগচটা, বেয়াদব, বদমাইশ, বাটপার টাইপের একটা ছেলে ছিলাম। আরো কিছু বিশেষণ যোগ করা যেতে পারতো। তবে ব্লগে লিখা যাবে কিনা ভেবে লিখলাম না।

কিন্তু ২৯ অক্টোবর, ২০০৬ থেকে সেই যে সবকিছু বাদ দিলাম, আজ পর্যন্ত আর সেপথে হাঁটিনি। পুরোটাই বদলে গেছি আমি।