Watch 1971 er Muktijuddher Itihas by ATN Bangla : The History of the Independence War of 1971 by ATN Bangla

In this post I offere you to watch some videos which were made by Journalists of different countries. Those videos were collected and recently been released as a documentary titled as "1971 er Muktijuddher Itihash by ATN Bangla" [In English - The history of the Independence War of 1971 by ATN Bangla] by a popular news channel "ATN Bangla" of Bangladesh. The commenrty of this video is in Bangla but there many parts where the presidents and journalists and ministers of different countries will be talking in English. Above all, the missereis you will watch will not require any commentry to understand , What hapened and How Happened?

I will write about the Independence War of Bangladesh and Its Background on a different post (though it will be nothing as even millions of pages will also lack the stories of those 23 years.).

Independent Bangladesh. It did not happen over night with signing some papers and thats all. It was a war. A war lasted officially for about 9 months. But actually it was a war for 23 years. A war between the two totally different parts of a nation called Pakistan. The two parts of the nation who came on the war were East Pakistan (Current Bangladesh) and West Pakistan (Current Pakistan).

View the following videos of youtube. There are tweleve parts. I am sorry that I can't give you a direct download link as it will take me a week if I want to upload the videos. However you can easily download videos from youtube, if you don't know how, CLICK THIS LINK

Part 01:

Part 02:
Part 03:
Part 04:
Part 05:
Part 06:
Part 07:
Part 08:
Part 09:
Part 10:
Part 11:
Part 12:
I will very soon make some briefs of the commentry of this Documentary. I am really sorry that I am not doing this right now. Actually I will have to watch this videos again and have to prepare the briefs, thats why I need time.



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