Watch 1971 er Muktijuddher Itihas by ATN Bangla : The History of the Independence War of 1971 by ATN Bangla

In this post I offere you to watch some videos which were made by Journalists of different countries. Those videos were collected and recently been released as a documentary titled as "1971 er Muktijuddher Itihash by ATN Bangla" [In English - The history of the Independence War of 1971 by ATN Bangla] by a popular news channel "ATN Bangla" of Bangladesh. The commenrty of this video is in Bangla but there many parts where the presidents and journalists and ministers of different countries will be talking in English. Above all, the missereis you will watch will not require any commentry to understand , What hapened and How Happened?

How to write good codes or What are the good programming practices to follow !!

The following post highlights some good programming practices what beginner programmer can follow. Applying these increases the readability of codes, will make make codes more easier to update. 

Well, individual programmers should have their own programming styles to maintain, but still there are some practices that the beginners can follow. With times every programmers find out their own styles. Following is a list of things that beginners can do while coding or solving a problem.

How to merge two sorted arrays? Merging Sort Algorithm, Explanations with Animated Presentation, The Program

Merging Sort: 

Merging sort requires two previously sorted array which will be merged into one single array which will be a sorted array. If the source arrays are not sorted then the algorithm won't work. If you need to sort two unsorted arrays then you can place one array after another then operate the new array with any sorting algorithm to sort it. Another important thing is that, the source arrays will have to be there in sorted in the same order, either ascending or descending.