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Ü How to create frames ?
            Frames are particular spaces of the browser window. We can divide the total browser window in different portions by any number of frames. Each of the portions of the window then called a frame. Each frame will contain a HTML page. Thus by creating frames we display more than one page at a time on a browser window.
            To create frames we will use the tag <FRAMESET >……….</FRAMESET> tags after
the </HEAD> and before the <BODY> tag. One thing is that, we can not write anything in the <BODY>…….</BODY> section when we are creating frames. We can only create frames and then link that frames to the pages we want to display on that particular frames. Consider the following input and output.

Input :
<FRAMESET ROWS="250,250,*">
            <FRAME NAME=”TOP”>
            <FRAME NAME=”Middle”>
            <FRAME NAME=”Bottom”>

Output :

Here we can see that the window has been divided into three rows. Consider the coding of the above input.
          <FRAMESET ROWS="250,250,*">
With this code, we are dividing the window with 3 rows. The first and the second row is of height 250 pixels. The third will get the rest of the space available of the window. That is specifies by the asterisk (*).
Now rows will be created, when we will give them name by the following coding,
          <FRAME NAME=”……..”> 
We can divide the window also by columns by the following coding,
          <FRAMESET COLS=”…..”>
Similarly we will have to give the size of the columns as we gave the size of the rows.



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