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Online Class Notes is a blog where I share my class notes on various courses I written during my study period in the department of Computer Science and Engineering. I lost most of the notes due a hard drive crash, and then though why not I share these notes with other students. This was in my student life and obviously there was no reason to buy domain and hosting for this purpose. So I created my free blog at blogger.com and started publishing my notes on tanmayonrun.blogspot.com and I have been doing this for the last 5 years.

Recently, on 23rd April, 2016, I bought this domain name onlineclassnotes.com and started using this by custom domain feature of blogger. Thus my blog is still hosted by blogger, but the domain is mine. And I think, the domain is meaningful and relative to what the blog is all about.

Currently, not actually currently, I have working as a professional web developer for the last 3+ years with an experience of 6+ years in the field as I used to work as a contractor when I was a student. Currently, I am working as the Senior Software Engineer at very well organized software development farm. 

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Anyway, following are the currently added courses on which I have class notes shared. Click on them to read the class notes.

C Programming

Theory of Computation

Data Structure

Digital Image Processing

Operating System Concepts



Database Management System

Software Engineering

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Physics I

Microprocessor and Computer Architecture

Web Technology

Following are the categories for tutorials I published



Visual Basic








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