What are the rules to create a domain name or write a guideline for selecting domain name.

Domain name selection guidelines :
  1. Domain name should have to be easy to remember, such as names that reflect the name of the organization. Example : The domain of T&T Firm may be like, tandtfirm.com
  2. Single letter domain names are not permitted. Example : x.com will not be a domain name.
  3. Each top level domain name is reserved for a specific purpose. Such as, .com is for commercial purpose, .org for non-profitable organizations etc.
  4. Domain name must begin with a letter. Example : 123tnt.com is not valid.
  5. Domain name can not contain blank spaces or unusual characters. Example : tnt publish books.com is not valid for blank spaces.
  6. A domain name can be up to 24 characters long, including the period (.) and the three characters used for the top level domain. Example : yahoo.com is of 9 characters.

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