List a few areas of application of OOP concept or technology.

Great deal of excitement and interest in software engineers can be found in using OOP. Applications of OOP are gaining importance in many areas. The most important area is the user interface design such as windows. It has also got importance in real business systems as they are very complicated and use many methods and OOP can simplify those. 

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Areas of Application of OOP concept:

The promising areas includes the followings,
    List a few areas of application of OOP concept or technology.
  1. Real Time Systems Design
  2. Simulation and Modeling System
  3. Object Oriented Database
  4. Object Oriented Distributed Database
  5. Client-Server System
  6. Hypertext, Hypermedia
  7. Neural Networking and Parallel Programming
  8. Decision Support and Office Automation Systems
  9. CIM/CAD/CAM Systems
  10. AI and Expert Systems

Author: Tanmay Chakrabarty

Tanmay Chakrabarty is a former CSE student, currently working as a Senior Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience in the field of Web Application development in PHP+MySQL platform with strong skills in Javascript, JQuery, JQuery UI and CSS. He tries to write notes every week but fails due to heavy loads of duty.

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