DND Photo Viewer, 1st complete version delivery

This is a photo viewer, quite like the Windows Photo Viewer you use everyday on your windows PC. But, I wrote this software for a little extension. 

In windows vista and 7 (may also in windows 8), we see a single still frame of an animated GIF file in Windows Photo Viewer, we can't see the animation. To see the animation, we have to open the GIF file in a web browser or some other software. That seemed to me most disgusting as I have a huge collection of animated GIF file. Thus by falling in need, I wrote this software which will behave mostly like your default photo viewer but will play GIF animation, if there is any.

You will have to install this version. After installing, associate a GIF file to this software and from then, whenever you will try to open a GIF file, this software will run and you will see the animated GIF. Not only GIF, also all JPG and PNG files of that folder will be opened, you can navigate through them as you do in windows photo viewer. You can also zoom images, move them with your mouse etc.

How to associate GIF file to this software: Considering that you have kept this software in your C drive.

1. Right-Click on a GIF file and then goto Open With > Choose Default Program

2. Here click on Browse

3. Navigate to the location where you have kept the software, in our case, locate C drive

4. Double click on the software ICON

5. Make sure that "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is checked.

6. Now click Ok and you are done. From now on, whenever you open a GIF file, it will open with this software and you will be able to see animation.

This is the default window:

This is the help file, you will get all the needed help here. You will open it from menu-bar as Help > Help

This is about the software and me:

This is the settings windows, you can get there from menu-bar as Settings:

NOTE: This is a Quick and Dirty release, thus may contain some bugs, please notify me of those so that I can clean it up. In the next version, there will be lot more features in it.

Click on the following download button to Download DND Photo Viewer.

DND Photo Viewer



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