Why it always has to be the brightest Star

Some nights, I used to open my window which was right beside my bed and watch the stars. I don't know why, whenever I looked at the sky my eyes searched for the most brightening, most shinny star. I questioned me sometimes that to enjoy the view why it has to be that particular star and not the others ! I moved my view from that one to the others. I discovered that, though I am looking at another star on the sky, my mind is visualizing that shinny star over this tinny star. But why?

In reality, we also do the same. Seems like, the dialogue of Viru Shahastra Buddhe from the movie 3 Idiots is true..."We always remember the first one and forget the others."... (can't remember the dialogue accurately).

Thousands of students are out there with lots of dreams in their back-packs, I also have. But I know, most of them will not see their dreams coming true, many of them will have to change their most cherished dreams. Because this is reality.


The only thing for which the world runs and the only problem for which these dreams die are same......survival.

I know my dreams are not wrong, I know my ambitions are all ok....but this harsh reality showing me millions of people on the roads, all of them are dead from inside.....ask them, they will say that they are alright, but they are not. They also used to have a dream, a dream to become someone, to do something they love to.....but now they have no choice except doing anything as they have to survive. May be it is high time for me to leave all my dreams behind and step forward with things required to be done to survive. It is high time to be the so called Practical/Realistic.

It is about to be very hard for me to leave all those beliefs, ways, dreams I am going through for the last 3 years but I have to. 

It is seeming like, I am about to born again......................



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