Mipony Download Manager - One of my favorite download managers. Download + Tutorial

Few days ago I said that I get resume of download from Mediafire/Megaupload/Filesonic, some of the audiences did not believe me. So, today I am writing about this Awesome Download Manager, Mipony.

This software is completely free, so download it now, install and run.

Why this Download Manager?

01. Get unlimited resume from Mediafire/Megaupload/Filesonic. Only in the case of Filesonic/Megaupload you may have to wait for few minutes before the download starts. As this Waiting Time is a feature of Filesonic/Megaupload so Mipony has nothing to do with it. Another thing is, Filesonic asks for Captcha entry before starting download, so you will also have to provide that. 

02. Movies in these hosting sites are stored as parts; such as .001, .002 etc. You generally use HjSplit Software to join them In the case of Mipony, you won't need the HjSplit as Mipony has this feature included.

03. If the files are in .RAR format, you still won'y have to worry as this software can join and extract .RAR and .RAR parts files automatically after download.

04. Files in this hosting sites are often saved with a password. You generally provide the password and then get the download link, right. Ok, in Mipony, you won't do it at each download. You will provide the Password for all the links (Those came with a same password) at start of the download. At each download Mipony will provide the password, will generate the link and will start download.

05. It can synchronize its speed for the smoothness of you net browsing while downloading. For example, a download is going on and you started loading this blog. Mipony will low down its speed of download until this blog has been loaded and will automatically start downloading in full speed after loading of the blog has been completed. You will understand the very effectiveness of this feature while you will be using it.

06. Most necessary feature is that, you wont have to provide generated download links to mipony. You will just provide the links to the page where the file is, will also provide the password and mipony will do the rest of the job. Thats why I like it most. For example, there is a file in this link http://www.mediafire.com/?4e35nbbyxlwo5r5, in general, you go there and generate download link and then your download starts, right? But in Mipony, you wont go there, you will provide this link to mipony and mipony will do the rest.

So is Mipony Perfect?

No, there are few problems. Like, Mipony can not download at the speed of IDM, it download at speed which will be 3-4 KB less than IDM. Again, After a month or two, you will find that Mipony will be failing to generate links. It happens because it has to upgrade its database. But don't worry, the developers of Mipony are always at hard work to keep their database updated. You will get update in a day or two. Don't forget to update Mipony whenever the update is available.

The Tutorial

Now, I will describe the use of Mipony with the help of a small tutorial. Following are the links of the Movie, Conan the Barbarian (1982) BRRIp 1080p 2.5GB.


First of all, copy all the above given links. Then Open Mipony and follow the following picture instructions. 

[To enlarge the images, open them in a new Tab]

Now, look at the above image, you see the boxes with a Black Border? Ok these are the files protected with passwords and thats why Mipony is unable to show actual file size and showing 420 B. Don't worry, while download will be start, Mipony will provide the password and download the file. Now click on the Box Bordered with Green Color at the Bottom-Left of the above given image. Following window will appear.

Here, in the box Bordered with Orange Color, provide the address where the Downloaded files will be saved and in the box below bordered with Green Color, provide the password for the files. In this case of mine, the password is mediafire4u.com and I provided that so that Mipony can download smoothly without asking me for password. After these, click ok.

Ok, so your downloads has been added and started. Now let have look at the tools,

Downloads - Here all your downloads are listed.

Add Links - This is the place about which the tutorial I provided above.

Browse and Download - Its a web browser. You wont have to use it.

Statistics - Here you can view the various statistics like the total time you used Mipony, Total amount you downloaded, Servers from where you downloaded and in what amount etc.

Capture - This feature, when selected, capture any link you copied and detect it. This is unnecessary. If selected then deselect it.

Downloads - It shows your download history.

Join Files - This is HjSplit. Click here and you will get a window where you will be asked to browse the first part (.001) file and where to keep the joined file. Then you click Start and the joining starts.

Options - The settings of the software are here. I am sure, you will be able to understand the options, however, here are two images of my setting, you can take look,

With the following configuration you can have .RAR files extracted.

A Caution !

When a download is complete and you want to remove the download from the list DO NOT right click on it and select Cancel, DO right click on it and select Clear Completed Downloads. Check the following image,

Ok, I think its enough. I am using Mipony for about 3 months and only at 2 mornings Mipony hurt me as I found that it did not downloaded whole night and waited for a captcha to enter. Ok its not Mipony's fault. You will get Captchas most of the time from Filesonic. So try to download from Mediafire/Megaupload. 

Mipony has a plugin called Captcha Trader. They have an website where you will have to register and will have to earn credits by solving catchas. Then you using you credits the Captcha Trader will automatically solve you captchas. I haven't used it, just for your information.

I personally download in 2 ways. When I am on pc and not using the internet, then I use IDM to download as it can download at least a bit faster than Mipony (only when downloading from Mediafire) and In the second way, while I am not at the PC I use Mipony as it can download itself. 

I am sure you will like it. If you have any question, you can leave that it in the comment box.



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