What your love means to me....

Yes, Yes I am emotional...and I need emotions...I am hunting for emotions.....emotions are my power..emotions are my weakness.....emotions are my inspirations...emotions are all I have...emotions are my solutions...emotions make me questioned.....emotions are what I can share....emotions are what I want to be shared with me by you and only you....
Yes I do like tears in your eyes and I like it when I am failing because your tears are my power.....When my pen stops at the middle of exam, yes I want you to look back and stop your pen telling me that you not gonna write untill I write through eye contact...I will write..I will write....And this is love to me.....nothing but just a special everything separated and kept safe to be presented at me only...a special way you gonna look at me, a special bending of your lips, a special sadness in your face, a special excitement, a special you and a special me.....a special two of us....A light in the dark....a naughty couple at a serious place....THE LOVE OF YOU FOR ME..

First Written : Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 8:01pm
First Published: First Published at Notes Section of My Facebook Account.



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