I don't wanna see STARS......

MARTVIEW...it may that u guys r known with this software previously but I WASN'T... I found it yesterday and downloaded it. Its a kind of reader of the specific format .mart. You can convert documents like .pdf to .mart using this software also. Specialty of this software is the way you will read the document is different, like you r flipping the pages with your mouse. The interface is excellent. With this software you can download .mart documents from a huge collection.
I downloaded a magazine called "CPU" and started reading it. The problem occurred after about 30 minutes from I started reading. 

I was reading about the high performance technologies, new machines, games and all. The problem is very simple which is a question "Where am I?".

It is well known that this is a world of technologies. We have seen (at least we have heard) lots of developments, technologies. Guys, then where am I? I cant use them, I cant see them, I cant create them........Then am I out of this world? 

I was well with my mood from evening. But, now I am thinking about what have I learnt at all? What if my study stops here..? What will I do then for living? Will I be able to do anything according to my recent course? Yeah, I will be able to create something but those will not bear any value in this world of technologies. 

Thousands of theories have been developed, machines are working side by side, billion dollar algorithms has been written..........and so on. I am confused........what I will contribute in this lightening fast process of development....

When I am closing my eyes..I am finding myself at a river bank and I can see million-billion stars startling right in front me at the opposite side of the river. They r making me smile too.....

But they r STARS...they r making me crazy...frustrating me.... questioning me about my progress...And the dark water lightened by the stars reminding me to ask myself "Will I be able to cross this river......"...

Oh..GOD..I really don't want to see these stars. Let them startling. I am happy with my progress, my life....but again and again the question arising "Am I doing what I should be doing for progressing..."

In Brief..."I am stopping while astonishingly thinking about the total development and my current progress...."

First written: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 11:34pm
First Published: At Notes Section of my Facebook Account.



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