A website has copied my posts

The website, titled as "Priyoboi", has copied all my notes on C Programming from this blog. I permitted everyone announcing that anyone can use my notes, posts and other at wherever they want but just mention my credit. Following this, that above given website has copied my notes and posted at their website and mention the credit as "Credit : Tanmay Chakrabarty". 

They did what they should have done. No complain here. 

But I think they should have provided me some backlinks to my posts. What do you say?

Again they did not contacted me before coping my posts. I don't think its ok. I think its just a formal manner that they should have make me known before or atleast after posting. 

However, I can't do anything and even if I could, I wouldn't. Because I want my notes to be spreaded and get into help of others. I wish the notes will help.

I liked their website. They have a lots of books in their collection. They also introduced my notes as a book, though they are just questions and answers.

However, some of the visitors of their website may get confused if they miss that small credit mentioning right below the post that who is the original author of the notes.

I emailed them to provide backlinks. If they don't want, its still ok. I will then just request them to highlight the credit at the beginning of each post.

Author: Tanmay Chakrabarty

Tanmay Chakrabarty is a former CSE student, currently working as a Senior Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience in the field of Web Application development in PHP+MySQL platform with strong skills in Javascript, JQuery, JQuery UI and CSS. He tries to write notes every week but fails due to heavy loads of duty.

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