'Smriti Amlan' (Non-erasable Memories), Vodra Mor, Rajshahi City

On the memories of the great liberation war of Bangladesh, this monument 'Smriti Amlan' (Non-erasable Memories) is situated at the Vodra Mor, Rajshahi City, Bangladesh. It was opened on 26th March, 1991 on the Independence Day. Guidance on Architectural Design was provided by Rajiudding Ahmed.

This monument is a symbol of the presence of Bangladesh. There are 3 pillers in the monument. There are 24 steps in each piller which symbolizes the 24 years of  movements and final independence between 1947-1971. 

Approximately 30 Lakh (3 million) people died in the war and this has been symbolized by those 30 wholes on the monument.

There are stones with blue color at the ground of the monument which symbolizes the 2 Lakh mother and sister and doughters who were rapped, murdered and tortured in various brutal and cruel ways.

There is a red globe shaped object with the map of Bangladesh which symbolizes the New Red Sun of the very beginning of the Nation called Bangladesh.

[The above description was taken from a National Bangla Newspaper, Ittefaq of the date 07/06/2011. I translated that report and tried to keep meanning same, however I am not that good in translation. Sorry for that.]

When I was a child of 3-12 years I lived in areas like Uposohor, Sopura and did not really come around this part of the city. So when returning to Rajshahi from somewhere by train and when the train was crossing Vodra Mor, I used to watch this monument Smriti Amlan with a astonishing view. At child age, big things come to our eyes as more bigger. So I watched this monument being a lot astonished. Sometimes, when I was comming to Rajshahi university travelling in Ricksaw with my mom, I watched that monument from close and was afraid about will it fall upon me?

When I was a child I was astonished with this Monument.

And now, I get astonished thinking about the history that the Monument holds.

The pillers are holding history, where the history holding the globe object with the map of Bangladesh. Bangladesh, we the people are standing on the history. The history is holding us. 

People who gave up their lives, blood, got tortured, died due to hunger......we are standing on the Independence they gave us. 

Now we people asks for Bangla, Bangla in Mobile, Websites in Bangla, Everything in Bangla. This right was given by them, they showed us how to ask for what is our.

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