Mafia II : Reviews

I like to play video games. And in this case, Mafia is the ever best game I have played. Its storyline, graphics, characters, views are just so real that it seems like I am not playing a game, I am watching a movie.

Bought Sapphire HD 5450 1GB DDR3 PCIE HDMI to Play Mafia II, Review, Full Specification and Links

Well, I don't know much about graphics cards and its features and facts related to performance. Its the first time I bought any graphics card.

A website has copied my posts

The website, titled as "Priyoboi", has copied all my notes on C Programming from this blog. I permitted everyone announcing that anyone can use my notes, posts and other at wherever they want but just mention my credit. Following this, that above given website has copied my notes and posted at their website and mention the credit as "Credit : Tanmay Chakrabarty". 

They did what they should have done. No complain here. 

But I think they should have provided me some backlinks to my posts. What do you say?

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection. What you get from the title of the topic? Well, while we are coding we use variable or memory location. We may need an array initially for storing some initial elements, then we take more arrays while we are manipulating. At some part of the manipulation, it may that we dont need the initial array anymore. I mean it may that we have already took all the elements of the initial array and processed and stored them in another array for furthur processing and dont need the initial array anymore. However, that initial array still remains eating up some memory locations.

Understanding Variable scope in C++

Understanding Variable scope is very important because it can sometime leads us to unwanted value changing or hazards while coding. Like, we have declared a variable but still its showing error while compiling or running. Look at the following code,

for(int x=0;x<5;x++)    //For Loop 01
   cout<<"Inside For Loop 01";
cout<<x<<" times";    //Line01  

When we will compile this code we get some kind of error msg which may vary from compiler to compiler, but in general the error msg will be related to the variable x.

Allocating and Deallocating memory OR use of New/Delete OR allocating memory in runtime OR declaring array in runtime | in C++

Well, first of all we should be known with Variable Scope, Garbage Collection.

Ok, now. When we declare a variable like as follows,

int a;

it allocates a specific portion of memory for that variable and when we go beyond the scope of the variable the garbage collection system automatically deallocates or in general, deletes the memory location which was occupied by the variable.

But in some cases, like when declaring an array, we might need to allocate a number of array elements which we don’t and which will be specified by the user at the runtime. In such a case we have to declare the array with the number of elements given by the user. Here, we can use the new operator as follows,

Single Layer Perceptron Learning Algorithm and Flowchart of the Program and the Code of the Program in C++

The Single Layer Perceptron Learning Algorithm:

Step 1:        Initialize all weights and threshold and values.
Step 2:        Get the weighted sum of one input.
Step 3:        Compare the weighted sum with the threshold and set value to output.
Step 4:        If the input is of class A

'Smriti Amlan' (Non-erasable Memories), Vodra Mor, Rajshahi City

On the memories of the great liberation war of Bangladesh, this monument 'Smriti Amlan' (Non-erasable Memories) is situated at the Vodra Mor, Rajshahi City, Bangladesh. It was opened on 26th March, 1991 on the Independence Day. Guidance on Architectural Design was provided by Rajiudding Ahmed.

This monument is a symbol of the presence of Bangladesh. There are 3 pillers in the monument. There are 24 steps in each piller which symbolizes the 24 years of  movements and final independence between 1947-1971. 

Approximately 30 Lakh (3 million) people died in the war and this has been symbolized by those 30 wholes on the monument.

Rajshahi City Corporation Building or Rajshahi Nogor Vobon

Isn't its a nice building? This is the City Corporation Building of my city Rajshahi. I like it. On the ground of the old city corporation building a new shopping mall is getting built. This is the new building of about 4-5 years old.

The Speech of J. K. Rowling at Harvard University on June 5, 2008 in Text and Video Format

J. K. Rowling, the famous writer of the book series Hary Potter, which is also featured film in Hollywood gave an very energetic and inspiring speech at Harvard University on June 5, 2008 to the graduate students. The main theme of her speech was to acknowledge the students about the benefits of failure and overcoming the challenges of life with Hope, Determination. Following is the text of the speech she provided from the [Full link given below the post with video links]

Text of the speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford University on June 12, 2005 in Text and Video

I heard about this speech from my mom. It was published in one of the newspapers. Mom read it and after reaching home she told the story of the life of a great inspiring and brave man, Steve Jobs. What to say about him, I think you all know him more than I do. However he had never been graduated, but he was present there at Stanford University and he told three stories. Three stroies from his very own life. He showed, how life's ups and downs are connected, why to keep your faith more stable. 

I am requesting you that you please read the following text of the speech he provided ar Stranford University. I am sure that you will find a lot of very valuable things out of the speech which can even change your life.

Text of the speech of Bill Gates at Harvard University, Video links also.

Bill Gates, one of the most successful person, in the fields of business, engineering, technology, popularity. I respect him a lot. Few days earlier I heard about his speech at Harvar University on June 7, 2007. I searched for the video of his speech and searched google for the text of his speech. Found them and thought to post them here.

Night is over..sun is emitting light..but when the sun will actually rise....!!!???

Its morning now, Good Morning. 6.18 AM local time here at Bangladesh. Night is over. Sun rised about 2 hours ago. I am still infront of the monitor. At night I was working on a software project about storing and showing student's results in different forms. Not that hard, but I always keep learning when I work. Thats why I get out of the main path to sub-paths. However, thats not what I want to discuss.

My Works | Final working on my Expression Based Scientific Calculator, hoping to finish tonight

My expression based scientific calculator V 0.03 is 80 percent complete. I was thinking that I will add more options to it, but sorry to say that its much boring to me now. However, here are some screenshots of the software, leave your comment about these.

The Calculator Front

Tutorial :: Creating a LogIn/Registration Form for your software [Basic]

For whom the tutorial is: Well, I am sorry that this is not for beginners. I mean, when I started writing I thought I will explain each lines of code in this tutorial but, you know it’s impossible for me and I am sorry. So, if you are a complete beginner it will be hard for you to understand.

01.   You should have knowledge about creating functions and their usages.
02.   You should have knowledge about connecting MS Access Databases with VB.NET08.
03.   You should have knowledge about SQL Queries.
04.   You should have basic knowledge about the program structure of VB.NET08

Well, for your interest you can keep this tutorial, try to understand it. Read the following lines to understand what I have done in the code.

The Structure of Program: Well, welcome to this tutorial where we will be building a form for the purpose of “Login of existing users and Registrations of new user”.

I am very upset tonight for what happened today....

I am really very upset today. Why all this happenning to me? I don't know. But in some cases, yes I know.

Whatever is going on, is going on very wrong. I can’t explain them all. However I have got a question for you, tell me why you are studying?