I wish I was in class 9 again....

I think this is a common wish for every person that S/He wants his childhood back OR at least S/He wants to get back to some particular point of his/her life. But unfortunately, no one can get back to time. Once it is passed, it is past. But the brain and the heart never move side by side.

What my life has turned into??
I don't know. I did a lot of mistakes in my short life of 24 years. There is no space to elaborate. 

My life began to fall down from class 8. I don't know that I should say or not, but I have to say that I was an enough good student. But the process of fall down started suddenly and with a great pace. I went out for school everyday and instead of going to school, I went to cinema halls to pass times. I went out for private tutors and instead of getting there I went to new-market for gathering and gossiping. And that was the beginning. 

Time was passing and I was feeling like I am having so much fun, I am enjoying my life, I am free.....But I never knew that those were bad fun and I was misusing the freedom. After I passed SSC....my dark days were over.....don't be shocked...the game is not over.....cause right after the dark path to hell I finally reached the HELL............I WAS FINISHED.......I was finished for next four years.

A caring child became a young rubbish, a student with bright future became the most worst student in the college, a student with a lots of hopes found himself at nowhere. 

I did thousands of mistakes. One of my very respectable big brother said,

"You are just getting punished by God. You deserve these. It will take twice time than the time you spent in doing those worst things. But just don't lose the hope. With times, your times will also come"...

However, may be he is right. I really deserve this punishment. I, nowadays, wish that if I could get back to the beginning, I would have made this path a smoother one. 

Oh God, please, forgive me. I have lost my dreams, my wishes, my hopes, my status, my everything. Please forgive me.....

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