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Ü How to include Radio Buttons?
            Radio buttons mainly offer to choose an option from many. That is, user can select only one option. First, consider the following code,
               <INPUT TYPE=”...” NAME=”...” VALUE=”...” >
Here in the case of radio buttons the TYPE will be RADIO. For all of the options we will have to give same value of the NAME attribute. That is for a group
of options. the value of the NAME attribute will be the same. The value of the VALUE attribute is important and should be different for each option. There is another attribute, CHECKED. We will have to put it in any one option. So, in the output, that radio button of that option will be checked initially. It is as follows,
              <INPUT TYPE=”...” NAME=”...” VALUE=”...” CHECKED>
Now consider the following input and output.
Input :
I want....<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="Choosing" VALUE="permanent" CHECKED>to be permanent member.<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="Choosing" VALUE="temporary">to be limited member.<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="Choosing" VALUE="trial">3 days free trial.<BR><BR>



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