How does a CRT monitor produces image on the screen?

How does a color CRT monitor produces image on the screen?

What are the differences between Memory and Storage devices?

Though it may seem from the names that memory and storage devices are same thing, but actually they are far different. Following are the differences between Memory and Storage Devices.

How the computer accepts input for keyboard?

Keyboard is one of the most used input devices. Keyboard is a device with keys for alphanumeric characters along with various other keys to assist using the computer by sending instruction to the computer. The process of sending an instruction to the computer from keyboard when a key in the keyboard has been pressed is described below.

What are the four categories of computer hardware?

Computer Hardware: 

Hardware in a computer is any part of the computer that can be touched. These are primarily electronic devices used to build up the computer. Hardware actually perform the computing operations along with taking input and outputting the computed result or to store that.

There are four categories of computer hardware, they are being described below.

What is information processing cycle? What are the four phases of information processing cycle?

Information Processing Cycle:

The task of computer, in low level, is to process given data to produce information. Computer takes data, then processes the data as per being instructed and then can either output the generated information to user or store the information to storage or can do both. The generated information can be treated as data in the next cycle. These operations are part of a process called Information Processing Cycle which is a set of steps that computer follow to receive data, process the data and then either display the output to user or store the output to storage or do both.

What are the differences between system software and application software?

A system, such as: a computer, mobile or device like microwave oven, must need software to function. A software is a set of coded instruction for the system to execute in order to have it's hardware parts performing actions. However, software is primarily of two types, system software and application software.

How to make adsense ads responsive per screen size?

Yes, we can get responsive ad codes from adsense. But that will not fulfill the requirement for ad unit size per screen size. To make the adsense ads responsive per screen size we need to modify the code (allowed by google obviously) a bit. Reasons we need to do this can be like, In desktop view the ad appear as leaderboard, but in mobile it becomes a 300x250 square, what you might not want as you might want to show a similar horizontal sized ad in that place even in mobile view.

So let's see how we can do that.

How to write jQuery code before loading it?

jQuery and various other JS source files are regular part of website built nowadays. But this is always suggested to load JS files at the end of the document. In that case, how you are going to write JS code that requires jQuery to be loaded?

In one of my Web Development tutorial called 10 tips to speed up your website, I also suggested that you should load your JS files at the end of the document.

5. Put JavaScript at bottom:
This is also good practice in site optimization that you load your JS files just before your footer. This will let the browser draw the page without being blocked by JS files loading.

But the problem is, if you load jQuery at the end of the document and try to write jQuery code before that, you will get errors like $ is not defined. So how to write jQuery code before loading jQuery then!

Broadly discuss the measurements of price elasticity of demand.

Measurement of Price Elasticity of Demand: 

There are 5 different measurements of Price Elasticity of Demand. They are as follows:
  1. Perfectly Inelastic Demand (Elasticity = 0)
  2. Perfectly Elastic Demand (Elasticity = Infinity)
  3. Unit Elasticity of Demand (Elasticity = 1)
  4. Relatively Inelastic Demand (Elasticity < 1)
  5. Relatively Elastic Demand (Elasticity > 1)

These measurements has been discussed here. In the following discussion 5 symbols has been used which are